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Houndstooth Hat Pattern

Posted on: August 11, 2010

Houndstooth Hat Pattern

By Audrey Swanson

The hat from the pattern

Materials Needed:

One skein main color Lionbrand Hometown USA or similar bulky yarn . One skein Contrast Color Hometown USA

Size 13, 16″ circular needles and DPNS

Darning needle

Houndstooth Pattern:

Row 1: *Mc K2, CC K1, Mc K1* Repeat from *-*

Row 2: *CC K3, MC K1*

Row 3: *Mc K1, CC K3*

Row 4: Mc K1, CC K1, Mc K2*

CO 64 stitches and join in the round.

Work in k2, p2 ribbing for about 4 inches (or whatever length you prefer the ribbing to be when folded in half)

Work Houndstooth pattern. Repeat 2 more times. Decrease 8 stitches evenly across in MC. Repeat Houndstooth pattern with new number of stitches ONCE. Cut Contrast color and begin decreases.

Row 1: K3, K2 tg around

Row 2: knit

Row 3: K1, K2tg around

Row 4: knit

Row 5: K2tg around

Cut Main color. Use darning needle to go through remaining stitches and close hat. Weave in ends.


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  • donna rhodes: what size needles do i use or can i use any size
  • Marny: Whatever you do, enjoy!! When it stops being fun ... stop.
  • Lynn Barkema: Please say what sized needles you used.



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